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  • Online Payment

    When booking airline tickets or hotels online in our website, you have the option to complete the reservation by paying with a debit or credit card with a maximum level of security. The payment process is made in the Borica site, which supports the 3-D Secure Standard developed and used by VISA and MasterCard. The process employs the highest level of security, because neither we, as an online trader, nor the bank, have access to your card details.

  • Who is the platform intended for?

    The online platform is created in favour of business and in particular for tourist agencies and tour operators to meet the needs of a comprehensive, useful and efficient tool for management of bookings. It is entirely B2B oriented and provides the full range of tourist services across the world.

  • What is the online platform like?

    The platform consolidates the services of the largest global leaders in tourism for hotel bookings, air tickets, transfers, rent-a-car, excursions, sports and cultural events in a single system. As a result of automatic comparison among available tourist products the platform offers the most competitive prices on the global market. Another advantage is that it has many functionalities and integrated workflow – from the search and choice to the creation of an offer, from the management of bookings to reports and payment. What is more – it fully preserves your personal identity and the confidentiality of transactions.

  • How to start working with you?

    By completing the application for registration on this website we will provide you a user name and a password, which will give you access to the booking online platform.

  • How to make online bookings?

    Make a booking in 3 simple steps: choose a hotel, flight, transfer, event, excursion, rent-a-car or vacation according to the sought parameters and click on “Booking”. Complete the names of the passengers in Latin alphabet, as shown in the identity document, and mark that you agree with the conditions of cancellation. Complete the booking by clicking again on “Booking”. For more precise results, you can choose some of the filtration criteria.

  • Can end customers register in the online platform?

    No. The platform is entirely B2B oriented and may be used only for the purposes of travel companies and corporations.

  • What products and services can I search for in the platform?

    You can search for and book hotel accommodation, air tickets, excursions, vacations, tickets for charter flights, transfer services, rent-a-car, tourist insurance, sports and cultural events across the world.

  • How can I cancel a confirmed booking?

    Cancellation of an already confirmed reservation requires from you to press the button “Cancel”. In particular cases the booking cannot be cancelled (most often when the deadline for cancellation has expired) and a penalty must be paid. Penalties are pre-defined in the booking of the requested service and you cannot complete the booking process without ticking the field “I agree with the cancelation terms”.

  • Are there any additional fees on the services I book?

    No, the system does not charge additional fees on the services and you yourself define your commission.

  • How can I pay the bookings?

    You can pay your booking via bank transfer and with credit or debit card. All financial transactions are effected through the function for online real-time payments and are in full compliance with the security and safety requirements for internet commerce.

  • How can I change a booking?

    You can correct an already made booking by entering the booking details menu and pressing the button “Edit”. With this option of the platform, you can edit a wrong name of a tourist, add remarks on a booking, change the date of check-in or check-out and many others.

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