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Control Panel
Before you start using the platform, we recommend you to set up your profile through the Control Panel.
This tracks the movement of all generated invoices. For each booking, the platform generates a pro forma invoice with the corresponding bank details. The basis for the payment is the reservation number. When the reservation is paid, the proforma becomes an original invoice and is visible in the accounting module from where it can be sent or printed.
User settings
Through the User settings module, you can change account passwords and add a new operator.
Agencies Roles
Тhe platform allows you to create multiple profiles, if more than one operator will be using your account. His authority can be set in the Agencies Roles menu.
Agencies settings
In this menu, you can add your commission for each type of service - a percentage or a fixed amount. Then the final price that appears on the platform will be with the applied commission that you have set.
General settings
  • Fast search is a convenient feature where you can enter the destinations you are looking for most often.
  • Voucher info - upload your logo in the specified format and save it so it can appear on your vouchers.

How to create an offer

How to make an offer?
Offer for hotels comparison

  • Once the platform generates a score sheet, there is a "+" button to the right of each hotel.
  • Press the + button next to the hotels you want to include in your offer.
  • You can see the selected hotels in the Quote.
  • By clicking on it, you can save them in a pdf file and send them to your client. The optimal number of hotels you can add to the offer is 3 or 4.
  • In the proposal, you can manually adjust the hotel price.
Tip: If you want to save the price to be up-to-date at the time of confirmation by the customer, choose a hotel with a more extended cancellation period and book. This is the only way to ensure availability and pricing, as the Platform is a dynamic system and these factors are continually changing.

How to book and pay

Status of the reservation

  • Confirmed - the reservation is confirmed. You may cancel it before the expiration of the cancellation period, but if it has expired, the system will cancel it automaticaly. 
  • Ok to buy - the booking passes to this status by clicking on the issue voucher button(for clients on credit line) or if you have paid. Reservation is confirmed and can not be changed or cancelled.
  • Cancelled - the reservation is cancelled.
  • Rejected - the reservation is rejected.
  • On request - reservation is requestable and can switch to status "confirmed" or "rejected".

Attention: The Platform may decline to book due to insufficient availability, change the price or a technical problem. In this case, it would be best not to hurry to take action, but to contact us immediately. We will check your reservation and provide you with the most optimal solution for the particular case.
Account status with credit limit

Clients who have issued a bank guarantee have the advantage of having a credit limit.
The clients who have a credit line can pay their reservations once a month and have full rights to their account.
You can book and issue vouchers within your credit limit.

It is important to note that booking and payment are two separate processes.
The Platform automatically cancels a paid reservation to which you have not issued a voucher upon the occurrence of the cancellation period, regardless whether it is paid or not.
Once you issue the voucher, the status of the reservation changes to "ok to buy" and the reservation is completed.
Cache account status without cancellation period

Before the cancelation penalty period button pay later is set by default. 
By clicking the BOOK button, your reservation will appear in the control panel/list reservations with the confirmed / not paid status. Payment to us must be made before the cancellation period occurs. After you pay by bank transfer or by credit card, you will be able to issue a voucher directly from the system.
Cache profile status with canceled period

In this case, the Platform allows you to pay immediately with a credit card or press the send to root button. When paying with a credit card, the reservation cannot be changed and cancelled. The system automatically transfers your reservation to list reservations with status ok to buy and paid. The voucher is generated, and you can print it from the Platform. In case you do not want to pay with a card, the Platform allows you to pay by bank transfer using the send to root button.

By clicking on the send to root button, you are sending a request to make the reservation on your behalf and commit to full payment.
After we received the payment for the requested reservation, you can issue the voucher from the platform.
Booking process

After selecting a hotel, press the book button. The platform will transfer you to the booking form. Fill in the names of your customers and agree to the cancellation terms. Verify that you have booked this hotel correctly. Please pay particular attention to hotel details to make sure the name and address match your search. It is possible to have a hotel with the same name but at another address. Depending on the status of your account - whether it's cache or credit limit and cancellations (expired or on time), you have several payment options. Open and explore the following questions.

Work in the platform

Car Hire

When searching, enter your pick up and return dates, drivers age and note if you would like to return the car to a different office of the company. To make a reservation, the driver must hold a clean driving license and a credit card. Before confirming the reservation, please carefully read the terms and condition of the selected rent-a-car company. The reservation will be visible in the list reservations where you can download the voucher.

Event booking
When searching for events, you can filter by category, event type, dates, and city. Click the book button to select your seats by price category and the number of tickets. Tickets on the platform are individual (contain a name). Pressing the book button opens the holder's data fields. Once the tickets are confirmed, they can be delivered to your office or directly to your client's address or at his hotel.
Tickets for events are not subject to reservation - you have to pay them immediately.  You cannot cancel the reservation neither receive a refund.
Tourist insurance
Enter the customer details, select the type of insurance, confirm the chosen destination and fill in the exact dates. Enter the value of the trip (this includes: hotel accommodation, airline tickets, transfers and included packages).
At this moment, travel insurance reservations are only available to customers in Bulgaria.
Transfers reservation
When searching for transfers, you must first select
Transfer type:
Two-way - airport/ hotel/airport
One way - airport/hotel Free Form - From Point A to Point B
Country and Airport
The hotel you chose
Take-off and landing times must match the flight information. To make a reservation, fill in the flight information and agree to the cancellation policy. In the event of emergencies, we recommend that you enter your customer's phone number and your email because the customer is on the move and will not be able to track his emails.
Reservation of airline tickets
When searching for airfares, you must select:
- Type of trip: One way, two way or multiple
- Place of departure and landing
- Departure and return dates

Once the platform has displayed the results, you can filter them by airline name, number of stops, flight duration and price. Before making a reservation, please be aware of the tariff's terms and the baggage information. If necessary, for low-cost carriers you can add luggage yourself. If you need any additional luggage for regular airlines, please ask us for assistance. To make a reservation, enter the customer's name, written in Latin, according to passport information and agree to the cancellation policy. Once your booking has been confirmed and paid, the platform will generate electronic ticket numbers. Now, you can download and email the tickets to your customers.

Аll airline bookings are active on the platform until 23.59 h on the day of reservation. The ticket gets automatically cancelled if you do not make a payment.
Relation with TripAdvisor

By clicking on TripAdvisor, you will be able to see the hotel's rating, guest reviews and visit its website.
List view

After pressing the search button, the platform will load a list of hotels in the desired destination will be displayed here, sorted by price - from lowest to highest. One of the benefits of Kalina Travel Platform is that it compares and stakes prices from all suppliers.
Map view

To see the exact location of the hotels on the list, click the Map view button. You can filter available hotels by different criteria. When you press any of the circled numbers, the similar hotels located in that area will open. After you have selected a specific hotel, click the Details button. There you can see the information you need and make a reservation at the hotel you have chosen.
Search for hotels on map and by location

Click the search on map button. The platform will open a map and only then you can type the desired destination. When searching in the centre, a red circle determining the search perimeter appears. You can increase or decrease it. After clicking the start search button, the system will show the hotels in that area.
Search by Destination

Enter the name of the city or destination you want to book.
Make sure you write the destination name in English.
Be careful about the exact spelling of the destination or hotel.
There may be a difference between how you write the name and how it appears on the platform.
For example, if we are looking for accommodation in Thassos, the proper spelling is Thassos, but if you write Tasos, you will get other results. In case you can not find the destination or hotel you are looking for, please contact us, and we will assist you.

Registration process

Company registration
Fill in your company details in the Registration section.
After registration, our representative will send you a contract.
When you sign it and send it back, you will receive your credentials to access the platform.
Hotel registration
Fill in your company details in the Registration section. You will have access to your profile in up to 24 hours after registration.

Stages of work!

Signing a contract
Once you registrate, our representative will contact you to sign a contract.
Before you start working with the platform, you can take advantage of our free training. The training can be online or on-site - in your or our office.
Granting a credit limit
Kalina Travel offers its established clients a negotiated credit limit.

Travel Company

The platform ensures that you will offer your clients available tourist services in real time at a reasonable price for you.

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Hotel Partner

The platform is a free opportunity for your services to be seen and booked by registered travel companies.

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