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Whether you want to organize trips for their employees or corporate events and seminars, you can thoroughly organize your business travels just a few clicks of the mouse. With global online reservation platform Kalina Travel Platform planning and management of business travel is quick and easy. It integrates all the services that accompany a trip – hotel accommodation, airline tickets, events, transfers, travel insurance, rent a car, vacations and trips and you can easily combine different elements according to your needs and priorities.

You have a comprehensive, convenient and effective tool for reservations worldwide at discounted prices, which saves time, money and effort. Take advantage of the many benefits of platform to realize successful and productive business trips within the prescribed budget.

Want easy to organize lucrative business travel? Book online the most appropriate options at preferential prices.



From low-budget hostels to luxury hotels, thanks to the platform you can easily find the ideal accommodation for your customers at best price. You have at your disposal a base of over 350 000 hotels across the world.


With Kalina Travel Platform you can rapidly and easily offer to your customers the most convenient and acceptable options for air tickets, choosing from among 400 airlines to all global destinations.


You are offered a wide range of international transfer services at affordable prices – from airports, ports, and resorts, by taxi, microbus, water taxi, and even helicopter, depending on the needs of your customers.


To secure calm and security of your customers during travel, Kalina Travel Platform will help you choose the most suitable insurance for them.  It is a must product that ensures secure protection against risk!


With Kalina Travel Platform you have access to leading rent-a-car companies to book high-quality services in over 28 000 locations in the world. This ensures you a high level of service and affordable prices.


You can choose from among 50 000 sports and cultural events across the world and earn extra revenue from helping your customers’ dreams come true. Delivery is guaranteed for each confirmed ticket.


You can enrich the trip of your customers with attractive activities and tours anywhere in the world.  From Paris to Phuket or Patagonia … from traditional excursions to experience that happen once in a lifetime!


The platform provides you with access to the most competitive and high-quality offers for vacations to the most desired destinations and you can choose from among the offers of 120 German, Austrian and Hungarian tour operators.


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Kalina Travel Platform  is a global online platform  including various  types of services in one place in real time. The system is a comprehensive, useful and efficient tool for management of bookings and offers most competitive prices in the global market.

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The platform integrates the key services attaching to a trip. You put together individual elements according to your personal needs and manage the overall implementation of the work flow – from the search to the design of an offer, from the management of bookings to reports.

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Advantageous conditions

Through the platform, you are able to make bookings and offer an integrated solution to your customers, while earning commissions without investment costs for advanced IT technology.  You use net prices and define your commission yourself.

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Kalina Travel Platform follows the dynamic pace of business and supports the most recent offers on the global market. Access to the offers of the global leaders in tourism ensures timely and competitive services of high quality.

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Kalina Travel Platform is a fast, simple and user-friendly online booking system which offers a full range of tourist services across the world.  You have a tool that ensures secure and efficient handling, saving time, means and efforts.

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Kalina Travel Platform is an open B2B platform in which the number and variety of tourist services on offer is constantly increasing. You can extend your portfolio by adding recent offers to keep up with leading trends.

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You can rely on professional support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  To ensure smooth work flow and high quality of service, our team is available at any time of the day.

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Trusted partner

The convenience and security of the new technologies are the future of the tourist industry.  You can rely on Kalina Travel Platform for your high-quality and correct services, while fully preserving your personal identity and confidentiality of transactions.




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